Financial Aid for the BS Nursing Accelerated Track

Students entering the accelerated BSN program have already obtained a bachelor's degree and are therefore ineligible for federal and state grant assistance as well as Jewell grants and scholarships. Outside scholarships may be obtained from local hospitals and other organizations, usually with stipulations such as successful completion of the program and a contractual agreement of employment.

Tuition and Fees

The BSN-AT Program charges students one flat rate for tuition and fees during the program academic year. The rate billed is dependent on the term the student enters William Jewell College and the duration of the program the student is admitted.

January 2014 Cohort (4 terms, 16-Month Program) - $36,070

January (Spring) $9,018
May (Summer) $9,018
August (Fall) $9,018
January (Spring) $9,018

May 2014 Cohort (3 terms, 12-Month Program) - $36,070

May (Summer) $12,023
August (Fall) $12,023
January (Spring) $12,023

January 2015 Cohort (4 terms, 16-Month Program) - $36,790

January (Spring) $9,198
May (Summer) $9,198
August (Fall) $9,198
January (Spring) $9,198

May 2015 Cohort (3 terms, 12-Month Program) - $36,790

May (Summer) $12,263
August (Fall) $12,263
January (Spring) $12,263

Students will be billed prior to the start of each semester.

Loan Eligibility

The Federal Direct Loan may be available to students according to FAFSA submission to the College. A maximum of $5,500 subsidized loan (based on demonstrated financial need) and $7,000 unsubsidized loan amounts for independent students may be obtained for each academic year for the AT program (year 1: spring, summer, year 2: fall, spring). Dependent students are eligible for $5,500 subsidized and $2,000 unsubsidized loan according to federal regulations. A Federal Nursing Loan may also be available to eligible, need-based students on a funds-available basis.

Loan entrance counseling is required of all students electing to borrow the Federal Direct Loan. Loan proceeds will not be disbursed to the College until the counseling session is complete.

Two FAFSAs are required for financial aid for the duration of the AT program. Electronic filing of the FAFSA is available at

For additional assistance to help cover college costs, books and supplies, living expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses students may apply for a private, alternative loan. These non-federal loans are borrower-initiated, credit-based applications and can have unique characteristics such as loans directed at students pursuing a health profession.

Cost of Attendance 

The total cost of attending Jewell's BSN-AT program includes the tuition (listed above), books and supplies, living expenses, and maintenance expenses for the duration of the program. These estimated annual expenses are not payable to the College.

  • Books & Supplies: $600 per semester; $1,100 the first semester of study due to additional supplies (uniform, stethoscope, etc.)
  • Room (Rent):  $500 per month for each month of academic attendance 
  • Board (Meals):  $360 per month 
  • Personal:  $220 per month 
  • Transportation:  $240 per month

The total number of months in the academic year for each cohort are as follows:

  • Fall and Spring attend for nine (9) months
  • Spring and Summer attend seven (7) months 
  • Summer attend three (3) months

Refund Policy

The AT Nursing Program at Jewell is a cohort based offering either a 12 month (May cohort) or 16 month (January cohort) curricular path. Once the College commits to the number of students in any cohort, the costs associated with that program are fixed. Therefore, refunds are limited except as provided below.

As noted above, the AT Nursing Program has two tracks: a January cohort and a May cohort. The January cohort is billed in four terms: spring 1, summer, fall, and spring 2. The May cohort is billed in three terms: summer, fall and spring.

Students who withdraw:

  • on or before the first day of class for any term will not be charged tuition or fees for that term or subsequent terms.
  • without having attended the first term will forfeit their enrollment deposit.
  • during the first week of class of the first term will receive a 90% refund of tuition charges for that term, any fees assessed are not refundable, and the student will not be billed for the subsequent terms.
  • after the first day of class during the second, third or fourth term will be responsible for paying 100% of the tuition and fees billed for that term. They will not be billed for subsequent terms.

Any student who withdraws due to extenuating circumstances may submit a letter of appeal to the Controller.


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