Financial Aid for your Son or Daughter

You have probably seen elsewhere on our website that the average gift aid that a first-year student in 2013-2014 received $22,819 from all sources of aid. That means of the $39,020 published price, on average, a first-year student was only responsible for approximately $16,201. Considering the cost of many large, public institutions, you'll find that this number is quite comparable. If your son or daughter is willing to finance an education with student loans or student employment, the amount due each semester continues to decrease.

It is understandable that you don't want your student to graduate with unreasonable student loan debt. The average federal indebtedness of a Jewell student is $26,417 after graduation in four years. That represents an approximate monthly payment of $304 for 10 years. The national average for four-year graduates is $24,000. When you consider that at many public universities it may take up to five or even six years to graduate, then you can see why Jewell is considered one of the nation's best bargains!

Federal Parent PLUS Loan

With so many resources available, how do you narrow things down? We hope that you have visited our web pages for scholarships, grants, and student loans, but there is another option to pay for college that is often overlooked called the Federal Parent Loan. It offers the parent borrower a source of cash flow at a reasonable interest rate with long-term repayment that includes a deferment option. A parent may borrow up to the total cost of education less other financial aid received by the student. Maybe you don't want to borrow the total remaining balance. Then consider a combination of parent loan and the College's payment plan which follows. You may find that reliance on cash out-of-pocket in combination with a long-term loan makes better sense which ultimately saves you money in interest payments.

Jewell Payment Plan

The College provides a payment plan for families who wish to pay an account balance through a monthly arrangement per semester at a nominal fee. The College Business Office will work with you to establish a monthly payment that reflects the remaining balance after financial aid is applied.

Re-Evaluating the FAFSA

Jewell understands that every family financial situation is different. These situations often times are not represented on the FAFSA and the school can review these situations on an individual basis to determine if you may qualify for additional assistance. By submitting the Financial Aid Application Supplement you are notifying the college that your family's financial situation has changed from last year to the current year. Upon review of certain financial documents, we will determine if a financial aid adjustment is feasible. If you would like to inquire about changes to your FAFSA, print the following application. 


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