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Jewell students receive Hall Summer Enrichment Grants
Contact: Rob Eisele816-415-7574
May 5, 2010

From cutting-edge medical research to a study of Norwegian literature, William Jewell College students have the opportunity to participate in horizon-expanding journeys over the summer months thanks to the generosity of the Hall Family Foundation’s Summer Academic Enrichment Program at William Jewell.

The Hall Family Foundation Summer Academic Enrichment Program is a William Jewell program that provides financial support for students interested in summer academic enrichment opportunities that are not typically available on the Jewell campus. Students complete a competitive funding application for individual awards of up to $5,000 which are available to all Jewell students in good standing prior to their senior year. Activities eligible for funding include summer study-abroad programs, workshops, intensive summer courses, conferences relating to the student’s academic major, programs providing advanced training in the student’s field of study and research opportunities at other institutions. The focus is on academic rather than work-related experience, so internships are usually excluded. The grants fund intensive off-campus academic experiences rather than service or humanitarian projects.

“We talk a lot about the journeys that our students experience during their time at Jewell,” said President David Sallee. “In some cases, especially during the summer months, these experiences involve traveling to areas far beyond the Hill to engage in the world community. The Hall Family Foundation’s Summer Academic Enrichment Program makes this possible for a number of Jewell students.”

With the addition of the Applied Critical Thought and Inquiry major to the William Jewell curriculum, more students than ever before are seeking the opportunity to participate in study-abroad or study-away programs as part of the experiential components that the new major provides.

“We are preparing leaders for the global community,” Dr. Sallee said. “Developing those leadership skills may involve traveling to the other side of the world, or it may involve a local service-learning experience or community outreach project. The important thing is that Jewell students are immersing themselves in opportunities that will prepare them to take active roles in the broader community and to lead meaningful lives. The Jewell journey begins on our hillside campus, but it certainly doesn’t end there.”

William Jewell College students receiving Hall Family Foundation Summer Academic Enrichment Grants for the summer of 2010:

Nicholas Wheeler, Oxbridge Molecular Biology major, Huxley, Iowa. Nicolas will research novel drug/vaccine targets in the parasite Schistosoma mansoni, a blood disorder that is second only to malaria in World Health Organization rankings. He will study at a laboratory in Sao Paulo, Brazil, that was integral to the final sequencing of the genome associated with the disorder. He hopes to pursue a career in medical research. “After Jewell, my goal is to go to graduate school and get an M.D./Ph.D., which will enable me to participate in medical research,” Wheeler said. “Getting into this research early in my career will be extremely beneficial for me. It will help me build my resume for grad school and teach me more about what it means to be a full-time researcher and scientist.”

Paige Bolduc, Oxbridge English Language and Literature major, Rogersville, Mo. Paige will participate in an intensive language acquisition course offered by the Yamasa Institute in Okazaki, Japan. The total immersion course taught by native Japanese speakers seeks to improve students’ proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and understanding spoken Japanese. She is planning to pursue a master’s or doctorate in Asian literature. “The project will impact my learning greatly because I will be given an opportunity to study Japanese in a fully submersed environment, quickly developing language skills and learning about the culture,” Bolduc said.

Rebecca Trout, political science and international relations major, Owasso, Okla. Rebecca will participate in the Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. She has an interest in the political process and policy-making. “I am passionate about politics because the policies which the government forms affect people every day,” Trout said. “I want to be a part of this process because participation will allow me to fight for policies which will benefit all Americans.”

Erik Honig, international relations major, Miami, Fla. Erik will study Norwegian literature and international politics at the University of Oslo in Norway. He hopes to strengthen his skills in international relations and deepen his understanding of the Scandinavian culture. “I hope to take advantage of every opportunity to interact, learn, and develop an understanding of the Scandinavian culture,” Honig said.

Catherine Compton, biochemistry and Spanish major, Derby, Kan. Catherine will attend Spanish classes at the University of Guadalajara, with a goal of strengthening her Spanish language and comprehension skills and learning more about Mexican culture. She hopes to attend medical school and wants to be able to contribute to the needs of the Spanish-speaking population. “I plan to attend medical school after I complete my undergraduate degree in order to pursue a career as a doctor who will be able to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients,” Compton said. “I look forward to learning more about the Spanish language so I can better contribute to the needs of the Spanish-speaking population in the community as well as in the medical work force.”

Erin Armstrong, mathematics and secondary education major, De Soto, Mo. Erin will participate in a summer study program in Guadalajara, Mexico, taking Spanish classes, living with a Mexican family and learning about the country’s culture. In addition to education, she has an interest in service learning. “After taking Spanish at Jewell and being impacted so strongly by my experiences with service-learning, I have a strong desire to further pursue my study of Spanish and add a minor or even a major, if possible.”

Cynthia Hartwell, Spanish, secondary education and Applied Critical Thought and Inquiry major, Overland Park, Kan. Cynthia will participate in a summer study program in Guadalajara, Mexico. In addition to studying Spanish and Mexican culture, she plans to do volunteer work that will allow her to practice her Spanish language skills. “I will take courses in Spanish both to improve my grasp on the language and to learn about the history and dynamics of Mexican culture,” Hartwell said.

William Jewell College is committed to bringing together talented students and gifted faculty mentors within a vibrant community sparked by a rigorous and intentional liberal arts curriculum. A full range of personal and professional development experiences are presented by the selective national liberal arts college’s location within the Kansas City metroplex of more than two million.

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