Jewell offers new housing scholarship to Liberty students


William Jewell is making living on campus more affordable for hometown students through a new housing scholarship. All 2020 graduates who live in the Liberty School District will be eligible for up to $6,000 a year to experience the power of community through on-campus living. This includes Liberty High School, Liberty North High School, home-school and private school graduates.

While these students already live near William Jewell, living on campus is an enriching and valuable experience, which is why the College is underwriting the housing fee for hometown high school seniors. 

“William Jewell believes campus living enriches the academic experience for the student and ultimately increases the value of every dollar spent on tuition,” said Eric Blair, ’01, vice president of enrollment and marketing. “Insights and discoveries happen at all hours of the day, generating memories and connections of immeasurable worth. We want every student to live on campus and have access to the total Jewell student experience.”

Research published in The Review of Higher Education showed improved retention for students who live on campus, and another study (Turley and Wodtke, 2010) indicated that liberal arts students who live on campus have a higher GPA. Further research has shown on-campus residents are more open to diversity (Pascarella and Terenzini, 1991) and those who live at least one year on campus have a higher graduation rate compared to off-campus peers (Iowa State, 2011). 

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