Beta Beta Beta

Beta Beta Beta is the national honor society for students in biology, focused on promoting scholarship and encouraging research in the life sciences.

How can I join?

Jewell's Lambda Chapter of Tri-Beta provides for three classes of student membership, all of which require recommendation by the biology faculty and approval by other members.

  • Provisional membership requires a major interest in biology.
  • An associate member must have a major interest in biology, have completed zoology, be enrolled in another biology course for a total of eight hours of biology, and have at least a 3.0 grade point average in biology.
  • An active member, a second semester sophomore, must have completed twelve hours of biology with at least a 3.0 average and have an overall grade point average of 2.5.

What will we do?

Members attend the Beta Beta Beta District Conference each year and present research. Last year at the conference in Nebraska, eight biology and biochemistry majors presented research, and a senior won second place in the poster presentation category for his research “Determining the mechanisms of enteric neuron degeneration in Parkinson’s disease.”

Tri-Beta members may apply for research grants as well. Some recent grant recipients completed these projects:

  • The effects of mycorrhizal fungi and nitrogen addition on the production of furanocoumarins in Ammi majus
  • Comparative analysis of the current and historical geographical distribution of Drosophila species in the United States
  • Using RNAseq to explore the molecular basis of tetrodotoxin production in the rough-skinned newt Taricha granulosa
  • Impact of palmitic acid and α-linolenic acid on the β-catenin pathway with inhibition of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ (PPARγ) in HCT116 colon cancer cells

Tri-Beta also has held plant sales on campus, growing them from seed and propogating them from plants in Jewell's own greenhouse.

Contact Information

Dr. Nathan Jud, Assistant Professor of Biology