Live With Purpose

We aim to prepare you to be both successful and reflective citizens of a global community. Our academic Core Curriculum moves through three levels and roughly 35 credit hours, seeking to equip you with the vast critical thinking and leadership skills necessary to make a difference. Important questions are imbedded within our courses throughout the Core and provide a unifying theme for inquiry: What is real? What can we know? How should we live?

Three Levels, One End Goal

Critical Thought and Inquiry offers a learning experience that builds through three stages, each designed to equip you to become a world citizen and leader in the 21st century:

  • Introductory Level: The introductory level, beginning with The Responsible Self, a humanities-based course, as well as courses in written communication and mathematics, will help you transition from high school to college learning.
  • Second Level: The second level offers a variety of interdisciplinary courses grouped around four topic areas: Culture and Traditions; Science, Technology and the Human Experience; Power and Justice; and Sacred and Secular. In these courses, you will learn how to fill in the gaps between academic disciplines, a necessary practice in our ever-changing world.
  • Capstone Level: Finally, the capstone course addresses complex, real-world issues. You will learn to apply analytical thinking skills, building the bridge between your new knowledge and academic area of interest.