The World Needs More Critical Thinkers

The World Needs More

We’re passionate about producing the next generation of critical thinkers. By setting tuition at $19,320 before scholarships and aid, we are breaking down barriers and opening the door to more students who want to be ready for the real world and influence what’s next.

7 Attributes of
Jewell Critical Thinkers

  • Analytical
  • Passionate
  • Creative
  • Problem Solver
  • Humanitarian
  • Truth Seeking
  • Innovative
  • Daniel Virga, '17

    Daniel Virga, '17

    Completed extensive undergraduate research on Parkinson's Disease, Ph.D. student in neurobiology at Columbia University.

  • Ashlee Halstead, '17

    Ashlee Halstead, '17

    Three-year nursing program graduate, Cardiac Progressive Care Unit RN at Mayo Clinic, #1 ranked hospital in the nation.

  • Jonathan Daniel

    Jonathan Daniel

    Composer and singer; 2nd place in Choral Project Composition Competition; studied abroad at The University of Oxford.

  • Conner Hazelrigg, '15

    Conner Hazelrigg, '15

    Inventor of the Sunshine Box, a portable solar charging station that provides safe and reliable electricity in developing nations.

  • Dalton Nelson

    Dalton Nelson

    Pursuing artificial tissue manufacturing to help the thousands of people awaiting organ donations.

  • Freja Ingelstam, '17

    Freja Ingelstam, '17

    Working in Amman with the Jordan National Women's Commission on peace and security projects.

  • Trevor Nicks, '17

    Trevor Nicks, '17

    Co-founder of Spira, a biotech start-up focused on solutions to malnutrition and food insecurity.

Unmold Yourself Here

  • Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

    Our Four-Year Graduation Guarantee ensures timely completion of a transformative education, positioning you to transition into graduate school or career choices ahead of most peers.

    4-Year Guarantee
  • Applied Critical Thought & Inquiry

    We believe education invokes action. More than 20 years ago, we made critical thinking the basis of our core curriculum. Ten years ago, we made it an official major. Add three personalized, experiential components for a second major in ACT-In.

    Core Curriculum

Defined By People, Not Boundaries

We live and learn in circles, not rows. We step outside of job titles and comfort zones to make people — and their ideas — feel welcome. It creates a dynamic that supports personalized learning, empowers critical thinking and fosters a sense of belonging — on campus and beyond.


Top Impact School

99% of Jewell Alumni are Employed or in Graduate School Within Six Months of Graduation

  • On Campus

    Get connected through first-year residence halls, intramurals, clubs, or the Greek system. Enjoy our time-honored traditions like Lighting of the Quad and sledding down Browning Bowl.

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  • In Kansas City

    Just 15 minutes from downtown Kansas City, Jewell has connections with successful alumni, entrepreneurs, business leaders and nonprofit organizations among the metro's 82,000 employers.

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  • And Abroad

    All students are given the freedom and funding to pursue their passions in far-flung places where transformative experiences, academic endeavors and journeys of self-discovery await.

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Tavarus Pennington

As soon as I got here, my first reaction was ‘Why does this seem like a different planet?’ The people who work here go out of their way to learn who you are as a student and help you to succeed if you want to.”

Tavarus Pennington, English and communication major, University Innovation Fellow, Debate Team

Using Our Powers For Good

We believe in being responsible stewards of our resources and affecting change for social justice. Through our core curriculum, you can raise awareness and create solutions for complex issues. Last year, we contributed 57,000 hours of service worldwide.

Jewell's Core