Faith and Culture Christian Fellows

Part of Jewell's Center for Faith and Culture, the Christian Fellows Program challenges you to examine what a life of flourishing might look like in relationship to your major, profession and life’s vocation.

Students must apply for this scholarship program. Selected Fellows will participate in small groups, study groups, service-learning, possible internships and partnerships with local congregations, as well as lead ministries such as student-led worship. While these Fellowships are available for those considering ministry as a vocation, they are specifically designed for students who take their faith seriously, and who desire to integrate a life of faith into their life’s work, calling and career. All Fellows will pursue majors outside of the Center for Faith and Culture with a minor in Faith and Culture.



You must apply for the $3,000 Christian Fellows Scholarship to join. If you are applying for the $7,500 worship leader scholarship, an audition is required as well.