Artist Diploma

A 2-year voice performance program (graduate)

Artist Diploma in Voice

For those who want to master the art of performance

What is the Artist Diploma?

This highly selective program is designed to build on the undergraduate academic/conservatory experience or complement previous graduate work to refine and train you for young artist programs and beyond. The diploma requires 24 credit hours in seminar-based instruction, private and group lessons and acting classes. It is designed to be completed in two years, allowing  some attendance flexibility for off campus performance opportunities. Upon completion, after you have demonstrated an expert level of performance skills and outstanding music achievement, you will earn an Artist Diploma. Jewell's Artist Diploma in Voice (Graduate) is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music as a non-degree granting music program.

What's unique about Jewell's program?

Our small, intensive and highly personalized program is modeled after professional young artist programs, yet within an academic setting. Our campus setting fosters a “home” company during and after the program with on- and off-campus performance opportunities. Training includes seminar-based coursework, intensive lessons, coaching and acting classes and an ongoing commitment to help you advance into young artist programs as you begin your career.

If, while enrolled in the program, you receive  an opportunity to perform off campus, you will not only be encouraged to do so, but also be released by faculty to seize the experience and count it toward your performance requirements. Our goal is to always develop in you practical, immediately applicable skills, that you can extend to real-world performance opportunities as they arise. We seek to blend seamlessly the best aspects of an academic setting with the best hands-on performance opportunities in the local area and beyond. 

Once you graduate you are not forgotten. We extend to our students a commitment to ongoing vocal coaching, role development and career mentoring. You become a part of the extended Jewell vocal family, and we work with you to see you succeed in the industry as a whole.

“I discovered the quality of the program, the planned curriculum, the notable alumni, the incredible supporting faculty for the Artist Diploma, the history of Gano Chapel and the world-class artists I'd be exposed to through the Harriman-Jewell Series, and I realized just how special the Artist Diploma program would be. However, after the discussions with Program Director Daniel Belcher and the most kind and personalized acceptance and welcome letter I've seen to date, detailing specific details about how Jewell is invested in my future career as an artist, I knew that it was the place for me.”

Matthew Harris, Clay County, Florida

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