Jewell Leadership

William Jewell College is led by the president and vice presidents of the College, commonly referred to as the President’s Cabinet. Under direction of the president, the Cabinet leads and manages the day-to-day operations of Jewell and plans for its future. Cabinet members work closely with the Board of Trustees to establish strategic initiatives and goals consistent with the College’s mission and fulfillment of its strategic plan, which calls for the College to act intentionally to fulfill our promise to transform students and to achieve our mission.

Cabinet members

President MacLeod Walls portraitDr. Elizabeth MacLeod Walls
(816) 415-5026 |
Bachelor of Arts from Hiram College; Doctorate from TCU (hired 2016)



VP Eric Blair portraitMr. Eric Blair
Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing
(816) 415-5217 |
Bachelor of Arts from William Jewell College; Master of Public Administration from Park University (hired 2019)


VP Anne Dema portraitDr. Anne C. Dema
Provost and Professor of Chemistry
(816) 415-7653 |
Bachelor of Science from Pittsburg State University; Doctorate from Vanderbilt University (hired 1993)


CFO Joseph Garcia portraitMr. Joseph Garcia
Vice President for Finance and Operations/Chief Financial Officer
(816) 415-7802 |
Bachelor of Science from University of Arizona; Master of Business Administration from University of Central Oklahoma; Executive Master's in Leadership from Georgetown University (hired 2020)

CFO Joseph Garcia portraitMr. Daniel Holt
Associate Vice President for Institutional Strategy
(816) 415-5977 |
Bachelor of Science from University of Central Missouri; Master of Business Administration from University of Phoenix (hired 2004)


VP Clark Morris portraitMr. Clark Morris
Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Executive and Artistic Director of the Harriman-Jewell Series
(816) 415-5997 |
Bachelor of Arts from William Jewell College; Master of Business Administration from Mid-America Nazarene University; Graduate of the Executive Program for Non-Profit Leaders in the Arts at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (hired 1990)

VP Rodney Smith portraitDr. Rodney D. Smith
Vice President for Access and Engagement
(816) 415-7848 |
Bachelor of Arts from Morris Brown College; Master of Education from Tennessee State University; Doctor of Education from Tennessee State University (hired 2020)


Board of Trustees​

  • Gary V. Ainsworth, ’82, Lexington, Massachusetts
  • Gary D. Barnes, ’75, Liberty
  • Brian G. Carney, ’96, Bixby, Oklahoma
  • W. Russ Cline, Jr., ’71, Lee’s Summit
  • Melisa A. Essig, ’89, Kearney
  • William C. Gautreaux, ’85, Kansas City
  • Jason L. Houseworth, ’96, Olathe, Kansas
  • Steven M. Karbank, Kansas City
  • Jason O. Klumb, ’90, Kansas City
  • Aimée G. Larrabee, Kansas City
  • Patrick J. McCown, Overland Park, Kansas
  • David F. Oliver, Kansas City
  • W. Keith Pence, Leawood, Kansas
  • Sarah Fidler Rowland, Kansas City
  • Margo A. Shepard, Kansas City
  • Angela Andresen Smart, Fairway, Kansas
  • Bradley N. Sprong, ’86, Overland Park, Kansas
  • Qiana F. Thomason, Overland Park, Kansas
  • Diane E. H. Webber, ’81, Alexandria, Virginia
  • Todd E. White, ’85, Kansas City
  • Vernon Williams, Overland Park, Kansas

Advisory Trustees

  • Jonathan M. Kemper, Kansas City
  • Helmar E. Nielsen, ’58, St. Petersburg, Florida
  • William D. Snyder, ’62, Manhattan, Kansas
  • Maurice A. Watson, Kansas City

Emeritus Trustees

  • Julius J. Anderson, Jr., ’71, Naples, Florida
  • Robert A. Bernstein, Kansas City
  • David D. Burhans, ’61, Richmond, Virginia
  • Edward D. Douglas, Chillicothe
  • William E. Dreyer, ’60, San Antonio, Texas
  • John R. Gill, ’79, Kansas City
  • Eileen L. Houston-Stewart, ’79, St. Joseph
  • Burnell Landers, ’60, Kearney
  • Ollie Malone, Jr., ’75, Coppell, Texas
  • James W. McCrossen, Overland Park, Kansas
  • James K. Pierce, ’66, Lake Jackson, Texas
  • W. Edward Place, ’82, Kansas City
  • Fred H. Pryor, ’56, Kansas City
  • Linda J. Roos, ’68, St. Louis
  • Dianne C. Shumaker, ’66, Overland Park, Kansas
  • Joy L. Steincross, Kansas City
  • William E. Turnage, ’47, Jacksonville, Florida
  • John F. White, ’67, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
  • Thomas R. Willard, ’76, Mission Hills, Kansas