Duke Colloquium

The David Nelson Duke Colloquium is a long-time campus tradition, giving you the opportunity to present scholarly and creative works to faculty, staff and the community.

Celebrating the Life of the Mind

The Colloquium concept increases involvement of students in research, which William Jewell College believes to be a hallmark of an excellent liberal arts college. Colloquium Day is held each April on campus and is named for Dr. David Nelson Duke (1950-2000), who joined William Jewell’s religion faculty in 1980. During his 20-year career at Jewell, Dr. Duke proved himself as theologian, scholar, teacher and social advocate. His articles and books, community activism, collegiality and overall passion for life made naming the Colloquium in his memory a natural choice.

April 2022 Presentations

  • Victoria Pascoe: "Analysis of Children's Mercy Hospital's Philanthropy Department with Comparison Between Other Children's Hospitals Nationally" (Advisor Dr. Tom Vansaghi)
  • Kaylie Kappelmann: "Virtual Reality's Impact on Community Development" (Advisor Dr. Tom Vansaghi)
  • Harper Auman: "Who is the Victim in the Film, Ladri di biciclette?" (Advisor Dr. Robert Wells)
  • Graham Chambers-Wall: "Analysis of Electron Scattering Data to Constrain Neutrino Scattering" (Advisor Dr. Blane Baker)
  • Jacob Clark: "Knot Theory" (Advisor Dr. Azadeh Rafizadeh)
  • Cassidy Schuster: "The Efficacy of COVID-19 Prevention Guideline Implementation in Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (PHO) Units" (Advisor Debra Penrod, MSN, RN)
  • Victoria Pascoe: "Autonomic Activity Related to Visual and Informational Processing Speed and Efficiency" (Advisor Professor Bryan Fox)
  • Abbey Haines: "Gender-Affirming Estrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cardiovascular Health of Transgender Patients" (Advisor Debra Penrod, MSN, RN)
  • Kaylie Kappelmann, Harper Auman: "Warriors Best Friend: Pryor Legacy Project & Dogs Serving Schools Case Study" (Advisor Professor Kevin Shaffstall)
  • Morgan Tuttle: "The Wellerman Comes: The Creation of Community  through TikTok and Sea Shanties" (Advisor Dr. Dorothy Glick Maglione)
  • Julia Yamate: "Land Development" (Advisors Dr. Taqsim Husnain, Dr. Will Lindquist)
  • Luke Zahnd, Calvin Heit: "The Right Stuff: A Defense of Missouri Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts" (Advisor Dr. Gary Armstrong)
  • Jake Zink, Aubrey Avalos: "Failure to Protect: The Case of Native Women" (Advisor Dr. Gary Armstrong)
  • Mary Leniton: "Was the United States a Liberal Democracy before 1921?" (Advisor Dr. Gary Armstrong)
  • Trevor Luhman, Pedro Braga: "The Link Design" (Advisors Dr. Taqsim Husnain, Dr. Will Lindquist)
  • Riley Holmes: "Analysis of Olympic Sport Climbing's Scoring Method" (Advisor Dr. Erin Martin)
  • Hayley Michael: "The Truth about Dr. William Jewell's and Alexander Doniphan’s Slaveholding Pasts"; Christian Santiago: "Community Reflections on the Slavery, Memory, and Justice Project's Research on William Jewell College's Pro-Slavery Past"; Tavarus Pennington: "How a Slaveholding Past Shapes Jewell's Future" (Advisor Dr. Christopher Wilkins)