Duke Colloquium

The David Nelson Duke Colloquium is a long-time campus tradition, giving you the opportunity to present scholarly and creative works to faculty, staff and the community.

Celebrating the Life of the Mind

The Colloquium concept increases involvement of students in research, which William Jewell College believes to be a hallmark of an excellent liberal arts college. Colloquium Day is held each April on campus and is named for Dr. David Nelson Duke (1950-2000), who joined William Jewell’s religion faculty in 1980. During his 20-year career at Jewell, Dr. Duke proved himself as theologian, scholar, teacher and social advocate. His articles and books, community activism, collegiality and overall passion for life made naming the Colloquium in his memory a natural choice.

Join us Friday, April 19, 2024

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Oral Presentations

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Music Performances

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Poster Presentations

“The Relationship between Personality, Performance, and Perseverance in Developing a Brief Assessment of Resilience for College Students”
Athena Wilden, Makayla Ratzlaff, Lauren Taylor; Advisor: Dr. Brian Fox

“The Effect of Locus of Control on Time Management, Motivation, and Resilience of College Students in the Post-COVID World”
Hrithika Bhugvandeen, Brian Bartels, Alexandria Boswell; Advisor: Dr. Brian Fox

“The Trajectory of Childhood Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to Adult Bipolar Disorder”
Katelynn Sheets; Advisor: Prof. Debra Penrod

“Euthanasia: It is Time?”
Travis Bailey; Advisor: Prof. Debra Penrod

“Exploring the Potential Therapeutic Benefits of Restoring Healthy
Intestinal Flora in Patients with Behavioral/Mood Disorders”
Joshua Gately; Advisor: Prof. Debra Penrod