Journey Grants

Journey Grants are a unique program to Jewell that provide the freedom and funding for you to pursue your passions in far-flung places. Apply after your sophomore year for a self-designed adventure. Transformative experiences, academic endeavors and journeys of self-discovery await.

Where Will Your Journey Grant Take You?

Jewell students have traveled to 59 countries for Journey Grant experiences. You can help villagers in Honduras develop sustainable food sources, volunteer in an African orphanage, shadow a physician in Hawaii, fund living expenses for an internship or research at Glacier National Park in for a senior thesis. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

What kinds of projects may I plan?

Journey Grants are about integrating knowledge with action. Design your adventure from one of these categories: 

  • academic enrichment
  • leadership development
  • civic engagement
  • professional development
  • study abroad
  • undergraduate research