Honors Institute

Honors Institute in Critical Thinking

Honors Institute in Critical Thinking logoIf you are interested in exploring new ideas, taking risks and making a difference in the life of our communities, Jewell has a unique honors program for you. As a complement to your chosen major, the Honors Institute in Critical Thinking delves deep into critical reflection and application.

How to Apply

First, you must complete Jewell's admission application. Simply check that you're interested in Honors and we'll follow up with details about a video application. Jewell faculty select Fellows from a holistic review rather than identifying candidates solely through standardized test scores and high school achievements.

Apply to Jewell

Institute Components

  • Coursework

    The emphasis the first two years is coursework—about one class per semester—examining what it means to be a critical thinker in community and how that applies to disciplines outside your major. With the other Fellows in your class, you will practice critical reflection, even at the personal level, becoming aware of your own thoughts and biases.

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  • Practicum

    You spend your junior year focused on a relevant community issue or world problem you care deeply about. In addition to incorporating elements of critical and creative thinking from multiple areas of study, the practium requires responsible leadership, concern for the common good and an informed ethic.

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  • Capstone

    Your senior year capstone is a time to reflect on the practicum process and outcomes. You will share your experience in a public venue, such as Jewell's Duke Colloquium, a professional conference, a pitch to a business or a marketing campaign. This comprehensive, tangible product becomes a portfolio for job interviews or graduate school applications.

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Become a Fellow

  • Application and Membership

    After you have applied for admission to Jewell, we ask that you make a one- to two-minute video that demonstrates your fit for the Honors Institute. You’ll upload your video to flipgrid.com/jewellhonors where you’ll find tips, tricks and even software to create your video application.

    Your video should be a compelling and effective introduction to you as a potential world changing critical thinker—and don’t forget to have fun with it! The Honors Institute selection committee will review all submissions, and we’ll invite finalists to campus for an interactive group event. Honors Fellows will be selected following that event.

    Please note the video is for the Honors Institute and not for the Oxbridge Honors Program. Contact Lydia Bunch for questions about Honors at Jewell.

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