Critical Thinking Major

This secondary major complements any program we offer.

Applied Critical Thought & Inquiry

One major for knowledge. A second major for doing.

A major from the Core Curriculum

At William Jewell, you can earn a second major in Applied Critical Thought and Inquiry by completing the Core + 3. You take the core of courses required of every Jewell student. Then, you add three active learning experiences — one from each of three areas: Reflective Citizenship, Disciplinary Scholarship, and Active Engagement — such as an internship, study abroad, or a research project.

More Than The Core

To earn the Applied Critical Thought and Inquiry second major, students complete three hands-on experiences, applying classroom learning to real-world challenges. Jewell guarantees each student the opportunity for an internship as well as study abroad. With a faculty actively engaged in scholarship, and a location just half an hour from Kansas City, Jewell also presents many opportunities for research and independent study in business, medicine, government, public service, volunteerism, science, and industry. Of course, the campus is a seedbed of ideas and a laboratory for putting ideas to work.

Levels of Learning

  • Level I: Foundations

    12 hours of core classes:

    • The Responsible Self
    • Written Communication or Advanced Written Communication
    • Mathematics
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  • Level II and III

    Level II — Explorations

    • Culture and Traditions
    • Sacred and Secular
    • Science, Technology and the Human Experience
    • Power and Justice

    Level III — Capstone
    One four-hour course to address complex, real-world issues, apply learning and hone your research and presentation skills.

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