Master of Science of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Building on what you already know and do, this program will help you increase the effectiveness of your practice, using your own classroom and students. We offer a two-year option as well as a graduate certificate in curriculum and instruction. William Jewell College seeks candidates for the MSED program who desire to be teacher leaders. You must be willing to do action research in your own class. Candidates will be critical thinkers of high character who are dedicated to the profession of teaching.

How does the MSED Program work?

Exclusively for practicing teachers, the Master of Science of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at Jewell will help you change your practice in response to your students' needs. MSED graduate students experience rich curriculum based on current research and practice, taught by experts in their field. During the course work, you will identify an area for in-depth study. With the support of Jewell faculty, you will become a reflective scientific practitioner using student-centered data to design learning environments, create assessments and plan for students with a variety of skill levels and learning profiles to succeed.

The Timeframe

  • 30 credit M.S.Ed. can be earned in two years on a part-time basis
  • Evening, weekend and hybrid classes accommodate adult learner schedules.

The Program

  • The core of the Master of Science in Education program is the three required research courses through which teachers examine their own teaching practice (EDU 601, 602, 603). 
  • You will study the implementation of a new teaching method, strategy or practice of your choice and its effects on student learning outcomes. 
  • You then select graduate courses of interest from the remaining graduate Education offerings to complete your degree with an additional 18 credit hours of study.
  • Cost is $430/credit hour with most courses being 4 credit hours. See Cost of Attendance.
  • Payment plan available.

Graduate Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction

Select any five courses that contribute to your professional development to earn the Graduate Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction. The number of credits required for the certificate will vary between 15 credits and 18 credits depending upon the credit assigned to each course. We advise that the research courses be taken in order if those are selected. After you complete the graduate certificate, you may apply to continue to the master’s degree and complete the remaining courses to earn the degree.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the M.S.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction at William Jewell College applicants must meet the following requirements and provide appropriate documentation:

  • Must be a certified educator currently employed in a school with an assigned classroom.
    • Evidence of certification
    • Evidence of employment with a school for the following year
  • Evidence of baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with a 3.0 overall GPA based on a 4.0 scale.
  • Official transcripts from all other colleges and universities attended, whether as an undergraduate or graduate student and whether or not credit was awarded.
  • A completed application form on which the applicant specifies the two-year cohort OR the graduate certificate option.
  • A professional resume/vitae.

M.S.Ed. Curriculum

  • Course List

    EDU 501 Introduction to Differentiated Instruction (4 credits)

    EDU 502 Differentiated Instruction Toolkit (4 credits)

    EDU 503 Effective Assessment and Date Use to Improve Instruction (4 credits)

    EDU 504 Diverse Learners (4 credits)

    EDU 540 Graduate Seminar in Teaching Methods and Strategies (2-4 credits)

    EDU 541 Graduate Seminar in Assessment (2-4 credits)

    EDU 543 Graduate Seminar in Targeted Student Growth (2-4 credits)

    EDU 544 Graduate Seminar in Maintaining a Productive Classroom Environment (2-4 credits)

    EDU 601 Defining Research in Education (4 credits)

    EDU 602 Teacher Action Research (4 credits)

    EDU 603 Research Analysis, Synthesis and Presentation (4 credits)

    EDU 610 Special Topics in Education (3 credits)

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